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In today’s world, many IT jobs require a solid grasp of the top programming languages. In fact one needs to have good command over more than 1 programming language. As per the research, the top programming languages used in the industry are – Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript and C/C++. A typical IT jobs require to have understanding of at least 2 programming language

Market Size
  Almost all jobs need
    Almost all jobs need
Avg Salary
    Depends on the specialization
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  • Beginner

    Java Programming for Complete Beginners

    9 Lessons 159 Topics 7 Quizzes
    Java is used by companies in finance, healthcare, insurance, education, manufacturing, defense and more. 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Intel, Spotify use Java for their backend architecture. Because of its speed and scalability, many startups also use Java.
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    Advanced Java Certification Course

    8 Lessons 107 Topics 5 Quizzes
    Learn advanced version of Java which is specially designed to develop web-based enterprise applications. It includes Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC), Servlet programming, Java Servlet Pages (JSP) and advanced java framework like Spring.
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  • Beginner

    C Programming

    11 Lessons 41 Topics
    C is more often the very first language which a developer goes for. Learning C helps to understand a lot of underlying architecture of operating systems like data structure, pointers, memory locations etc. It is extensively used in embedded programming.
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  • Beginner


    11 Lessons 50 Topics
    C++ is quite old but still pretty much used in applications where speed matters, as it’s a low-level language. It is used in embedded systems, IoT, game development, etc., to name a few.
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