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Khurshed Batliwala holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from IIT Bombay. ???Bawa??? as he is fondly known is a Teacher, Speaker, Author and Meditator. He is an Innovator with a proven track record of creative and successful projects in the fields of education, meditation and arts. He is a highly acclaimed and prolific speaker having represented Art of Living in many National and International forums. He has given numerous TEDx talks all over India. He brings to the table a smooth blend of cutting edge technology and science coupled with the ancient wisdom of India which he contemporizes and makes relevant for present day challenges.

Bawa with Dinesh Ghodke, has co-authored his first book Ready Study Go! – Smart Ways to Learn, being published by Harper Collins India, scheduled to be in bookstores by December 2016.

His latest workshop ‘Use Your Brain’ is based off a few chapters from his book. It creates a paradigm shift in the way you learn. It makes the process of studying efficient, enjoyable and meaningful. It will change the way you think and possibly even bring about a transformation in the way you live.

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