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ishwaranaik Corporate Trainer and Coach
21 years experience Bangalore
₹20,000.00 /day
LeadershipSoft skill

Ishwara is a corporate leadership trainer and transformation coach. He is passionate, driving change for the individuals and the organization in their pursuit of excellence. He actively engages in various leadership forums and strongly believes huge breakthrough can be realized by holistic training.

His conscientiousness approach combined with growth mindset instills a shift in individuals to soar high above the mediocre finding their true north. Ishwara, being an authentic leader and an optimistic visionary, ensures all his training and workshops are focused, energetic and bring inner change.

He is a Certified Project Management Professional and Practitioner (PMP) with over two decades of leading IT organizations globally in banking, financial services, and engineering space. He has contributed significantly in nurturing best practices and presented case studies on the same in various forums. 

In his 21 years of association with HCL Technologies, Sonata Software, and System Logic, he had taken key leadership roles in business transformation. He had trained over 1000 executives from major IT organizations including many MNCs on emerging platforms and technologies.

Having lead and trained people on behavioral, process and technology domains, Ishwara has the holistic understanding of the organization dynamics globally. This deep insight helps him to comprehend the training need effectively to design and deliver the training professionally in alignment with the participant’s aspiration. He keeps abreast of the latest trends and research in behavioral science and leadership in particular.

He finds passion in transforming individuals having the training/workshops designed to bring the desired change in their attitude and skills. He also empowers participants with the right tools for them to bring the shift and sustain the learning.

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