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Ashish Yadav Splunk Architect, Author of Book - #AdvancedSplunk, ITSI, ES, Data Science (Python, R), AWS, ELK, IOT,ML, CyberSecurity
7 years experience Mumbai
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Author of book on Splunk with title “Advanced Splunk” –
Comp Engg with 6+ years of experience. Worked on Splunk (Machine Data Analytics), ITSI & ES ??” Big Data, IOT, M2M, LWM2M, Python, Information & Cyber Security.
SPLUNK – Big Data Analytics
Worked on Log analysis of Android Crash reports on Splunk for Dash-boarding of Usage Statistics and Crash Reporting Analytics. Also using Acralyzer & CouchDB to collect data from Yota Android Phones and the trail application is available on Splunk App store. Implementing Clustering & Correlation on Android Log Data for Crash Report Analysis. Worked on Big Data Project, Splunk – KPI analysis of Network stations for 3G & 4G Networks. Worked on the Splunk to develop the application to automate the Field Testing procedures and pin down to the root cause, in case of any failure.Implemented R-based Prediction Algorithms using Bayesian Inference & Time Series Analysis. Worked on Splunk Analytics for Field Test Measurements Data. Developed application to automate the Field Testing procedures, Fault Detection, & Historical Data Analysis. Experienced on using and modifying the Splunk APP for CISCO ASA, PIX Devices
BIG Data Tools –
Evaluated another big data platform” Sumologic, Pentaho & Also have some hands on experience in using Tableau. Well versed with Hadoop Ecosystem, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, HDFS etc.
Worked as Information Security Analyst and well versed with tools like Seclore (DRM), Sophos (Antivirus & End Point Security, Gajshield (Firewall & DLP) .Good knowledge in Computer Networking, Ethical Hacking, Information Security & Network Security.
Worked on Stack Development of Device Monitoring and Management & Firmware over-the-air upgrade for M2M devices compliant to LWM2M protocol on Intel Galileo and Raspberry Pi. Worked on Machine Learning based automation and analytics system for IOT & M2M devices on Raspberry Pi.



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