PYTHON – From Beginner to Expert Training

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This course is an introduction to Python scripting, which focuses on the concepts of Python. It will help you to perform operations on variable types using Pycharm. You will learn the importance of Python in real time environment and will be able to develop applications based on Object-Oriented Programming concept. End of this course, you will be able to develop networking applications with suitable GUI.

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What is Python Course about?

This course focuses on Introduction to Programming and Scripting, Data Handling, Object-oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Collections and different networking concepts

What are the objectives of Python Course ?

  • During this Python Online training, you’ll learn:
    • Know the concepts related to Python as a programming language
    • Comprehend the Scripting concepts
    • Understand the importance of Python in real time environment
    • Understand data types, operators, decision making statements and loops
    • Create and execute functions and modules (Boto3)
    • Create networking application with proper GUI
    • Develop applications based on Object Oriented Programming

Who is Python Course for?

The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Programmers, Developers, Technical Leads, Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists, Data Analysts

What are the prerequisites for Python Course?

Basic understanding of Computer Programming languages.

Available Training Modes

Live Online Training
42 Hours/7 Weekends

Classroom Training
42 Hours/7 days

Course Outline

Python Introduction

  • History of Python
  • Why use Python?
  • Getting Python installed on your computer
  • Using Condo as Package Manager
  • Virtual Environments and why to use it?
  • Using Jupiter Lab for Interactive Python

Core Objects and Data Types

  • Everything is Object
  • Mutable or Immutable?
  • Mutable Sequence, List
  • Indexing and Slicing Operations

Iterating and Making Decisions

  • If – else if – else condition
  • The Ternary Operator
  • The For Loop Iterators and Iterables
  • The Break, Continue and Pass statements


  • Why use Functions?
  • List comprehensions
  • Set and Dictionary comprehensions
  • Generator Functions
  • Generator Expressions
  • Documenting your code

Saving Time and Memory

  • Map, Zip and Enumerate functions
  • Data visualization with Matplotlib
  • Statistical data visualization with Seaborn
  • Hands-on: Coding sessions using Matplotlib, Seaborn package

OOP, Decorators, and Iterators

  • Decorators
  • Class and object namespaces
  • Attribute shadowing
  • Using the self-variable
  • Inheritance and Composition
  • Accessing an Base class
  • Class and Static methods
  • Private methods and Name Mangling
  • The Property Decorator
  • Operator Overloading

Files and Data Persistence

  • Opening a file
  • Reading and Writing to a file
  • Manipulating files and directories
  • Temporary directories
  • File and Directory Comprehension

Testing, Profiling & Dealing with Exceptions

  • Anatomy of Test
  • Testing Guidelines Unit Testing
  • Exceptions
  • Profiling Python

Who is the instructor for this training?

Our trainer for this training course has extensive experience in Python including years of years of experience imparting Python training for corporate and professionals alike.



I got full value from Learnkart’s DevOps course. This is the best ever course I have done and simplae reason is that there are lot of handson sessions which enables me to not only understand the theory but how it works in corporate environment. The lab sessions covered all trending tools – GIT, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet & Nagios.

DevOps professional


I joined Learnkarts after talking to course counseller. She explained it nicely and I enrolled for the online class. It was a wonderful learning devops with them. All the concepts were explained in details and doubts were cleared.It was complete handson training. The best part was Instructor who explained each concept in a easiest way. Looking forward to pursue few more courses.

DevOps Engineer


It was a good experience with Learnkarts. The teacher and content was very good. Also I got support for my queries after the online training.Worth mentioning is the projects and assignments which they cover as part of the course.

Senior Engineer