Blockchain Training

Live Online & Classroom Enterprise Training

Block chain course offers a hands-on training covering relevant topics in crypto currency and the wider Block chain space. From a technological stand point, you will develop a strong grasp of core Block chain platforms, understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, learn key vocabulary and concepts commonly used when discussing Block chain and understand why engineers are motivated to create an app with Ethereum. Hands-on exercises and projects.

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What is this Course about?

Blockchain Training will provide an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms. You will learn the importance of consensus in transactions and how transactions are stored on Blockchain. You will learn to setup your own private Blockchain and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum. You will also learn to deploy the business network using Hyperledger Composer.

What are the objectives of this Course ?

  • During this Blockchain Online training, you’ll learn:
    • Comprehend the Blockchain technology and the key concepts like cryptography and cryptocurrency concepts
    • Gain a deep insight into Bitcoin, its network and how Bitcoin transactions are validated by miners
    • Understand Ethereum Blockchain and learn Solidity programming language to develop Smart Contracts
    • Deploy your private Blockchain on the web where you can visually see your chains & send transactions between nodes
    • Infer Hyperledger project, its architecture, APIs and network topology
    • Work with Hyperledger Composer Playground on cloud & locally
    • Deploy and test business network using Composer
    • Develop a private Blockchain in MultiChain
    • Discuss the compelling use-cases of Blockchain
    • Interpret the prospects of Blockchain and assess how Blockchain can improve your business standards

Who is this Course for?

The following professionals can go for this course:

  • Banking/ Finance professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Students and professionals aspiring to make a career in the Blockchain technology
  • Entrepreneurs with technology background interested in realizing their business ideas on the Block chain
  • Anyone interested in ERC20 tokens and ICOs

What are the prerequisites for this Course?

  • There are no prerequisites as such for this Blockchain Online Course. However, development experience on an object-oriented language, fundamentals of networking, and basic knowledge of command line & Linux would be advantageous.
    • Basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS and NPM
    • Experience developing at least a couple of software applications, either back-end apps, front-end apps

Available Training Modes

Live Online Training
42 Hours/7 Weekends

Classroom Training
42 Hours/7 days

Course Outline

Overview of Block chain

  • What is Block Chain?
  • History of Block chain Network and protocols
  • Fundamentals of Cryptography
  • Structure of a Block
  • Block chain transaction process
  • Block chain Application Components
  • Block chain Application Templates

Bit coin

  • What is bitcoin?
  • Uses of Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Wallets
  • How to buy and sell Bitcoins?
  • How to store and spend Bitcoins?
  • Bitcoin Scripts
  • Bitcoin Network
  • Bitcoin Block Mining
  • Generate a Bitcoin wallet


  • What is Ethereum?
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Ethereum Languages
  • Gas and Ether Ethereum
  • Accounts Externally Owned
  • Accounts Smart Contracts
  • State Storage
  • Ethereum Mining

Deploying Smart contracts on Private Ethereum Network

  • Setting up private block chain using Ethereum
  • Stages of contract deployment
  • Learn Solidity
  • Compiling and deploying contracts
  • Smart Contract Design Patterns
  • Assisted Practice: Solidity Smart Contract to deploy property transfer system

Hyper ledger

  • Overview of Hyper ledger
  • Credits exchange using Saw tooth Assisted
  • Practice: Set up Iroha network
  • Hyper ledger Architecture
  • Introduction to Permissioned Block chain Consensus model for permissioned Block chains Consensus and its interaction with architectural Application Programming Interface

Hyper ledger Fabric

  • Hyper ledger Fabric Model
  • Issues in Hyper ledger Fabric
  • Set up a development environment using
  • Hyper ledger Composer
  • Developing Business Networks
  • Testing Business Networks
  • Assisted Practice: Create, deploy, and test a business network

Block chain on Multi chain

  • Introduction to Multichain
  • Privacy and Permissions in Multichain
  • Features of Assets in Multi chain
  • Multi chain Streams Mining in Multi chain Interactive mode commands
  • Round Robin Mining
  • Assisted Practice: Perform Mining in Multi chain
  • Unassisted Practice: Stock exchange on the Multi chain platform

Block chain Prospects

  • Do you need Block chain?
  • Challenges in Block chain
  • Identifying a Block chain use case
  • Block chain in Government organizations
  • Block chain in Finance
  • Domain Specific Block chain Application
    • Block chain in healthcare and hospitality
    • Block chain in the entertainment industry
    • Block chain in Cyber security
    • Block chain in the capital market

Who is the instructor for this training?

Our trainer for this training course has extensive experience in Blockchain including couple of years of experience imparting Blockchain training for corporate and professionals alike.



I got full value from Learnkart’s DevOps course. This is the best ever course I have done and simplae reason is that there are lot of handson sessions which enables me to not only understand the theory but how it works in corporate environment. The lab sessions covered all trending tools – GIT, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet & Nagios.

DevOps professional


I joined Learnkarts after talking to course counseller. She explained it nicely and I enrolled for the online class. It was a wonderful learning devops with them. All the concepts were explained in details and doubts were cleared.It was complete handson training. The best part was Instructor who explained each concept in a easiest way. Looking forward to pursue few more courses.

DevOps Engineer


It was a good experience with Learnkarts. The teacher and content was very good. Also I got support for my queries after the online training.Worth mentioning is the projects and assignments which they cover as part of the course.

Senior Engineer