AI ML fundamentals

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training

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This Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Fundamental course will help you understand basics of AI, ML, its use cases in Industry and the future of AI. AI & ML are changing the world and coming into our day to day life whether its healthcare industry, retail, finance or content streaming, everywhere it’s AI.

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Real-life Case Studies and projects

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What is this Course about?

This is the fundamental training which is designed for all, who wants to understand basics of Artificial Intelligence. This training will provide you the basic concepts of AI and ML, will discuss about Industry use cases and case studies on how AI is changing those industries, various AI techniques, ML subsets & process, and popular Machine Learning models.

What are the objectives of this Course ?

  • At the end of this AI & Ml Fundamental training, you will be able to understand:
    • Basics of Artificial Intelligence
    • Basics of ML
    • How AI & ML are used in Industry
    • Basics of Machine Learning Models
    • Deep learning
    • Image recognition
    • Deep Learning Model

Who is this Course for?

  • Following professionals can go for this course:
    • Anyone who has curiosity to understand AI and ML
    • Project/Program Manages who are managing AI/ML projects
    • Senior management looking to evaluate AI, ML for their business
    • Anyone who wants to get familiar with the Artificial Intelligence & get started

What are the prerequisites for this Course?

  • None

Available Training Modes

Live Online Training
8 Hours/1 Weekends

Classroom Training
8 Hours/1 day

Course Outline Download Brochure

Lesson-1 : Introduction

  • What is Machine Learning
  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • Brief about Industry Use cases & Benefits
  • Scope

Lesson-2 : Industry Case Studies

  • Netflix
  • Google Maps
  • IBM
  • E-commerce

Lesson-3 : Decoding AI

  • AI Stages
  • AI Applications
  • Image recognition
  • AI Model
  • AI Use cases

Lesson-4 : Decoding Machine Learning

  • Types of Machine Learning
  • Machine learning Algorithms
  • Deep learning
  • Image recognition
  • Machine Learning Model
  • Deep Learning Model

Who is the instructor for this training?

Our trainer for this AI & ML Course has extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, including years of industry experience in training and mentoring, enthusiasts and professionals alike.



I got full value from Learnkart’s DevOps course. This is the best ever course I have done and simplae reason is that there are lot of handson sessions which enables me to not only understand the theory but how it works in corporate environment. The lab sessions covered all trending tools – GIT, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet & Nagios.

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It was a good experience with Learnkarts. The teacher and content was very good. Also I got support for my queries after the online training.Worth mentioning is the projects and assignments which they cover as part of the course.

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