Learning Path – Full Stack Developer – MERN Stack

Learning Path - Full Stack Web Developer - MERN Stack

  • 10 Lessons
    HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the code that is used to structure a web page and its content. It is the most widely used language on the Web to develop web pages. If you want to start your journey as a web developer then this is the place to start with HTML Free Course .
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
  • 8 Lessons
    Let’s build beautiful websites which don't just contain great content but also look good. Let’s learn CSS. It is a must for every web developer to know CSS.
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
  • 12 Lessons
    JavaScript is the core of web development. Over 97% website uses JS. It enables you to implement complex features on the website like create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else.
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
Complete Git Course
  • 9 Lessons
    Git is a must tool required to work in any coding field, from data science to game development to machine learning.  This course covers everything you need to know to start using Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab in the real world today
React JS
  • 18 Lessons
    React is developers’ first choice for building amazing web applications. ReactJS is very easy to learn and more focused than some other JavaScript frameworks. Many businesses are shifting or adopting React library because of the simplicity it provides and ease of use.  Lets join this FREE curated course!!
Node JS
  • 10 Lessons
    Node.js or Node or Node JS all are different names for the same technology. Node.js is a run time environment. A runtime acts as a middle-man so Node.js helps us to use Javascript to handle system processes, files and even databases. It’s very popular among web developers so let’s learn it!!
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
  • 7 Lessons
    Express JS is a free, open-source backend application framework for Node.js. It is used for building web and mobile applications and APIs. You can think of it as a thin layer which is built on the top of the Node js that helps manage servers and routes.
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
  • 10 Lessons
    SQL is a Structured Query Language. Using SQL, you can access and perform various operations on the database. It is the most used database query language.