How It Works

LearnKartS is a Global Community of Talented, Trusted and Best Freelancer IT Trainers.

In LearnKartS, user can act 2 roles as an Employer or a Freelancer Trainer.

  • As an employer, you can easily login to the site and immediately start posting your project. Once your project is displayed, you can search for the suitable Trainer and invite them to bid your project [Please send mail to [email protected] if you would like to join as Employer]
  • As a Freelancer Trainer, you can create your profile and find out the potential Training requirements.


how it works

Users can use this site to find their suitable working partners:

  • Employers can post Training projects and find the suitable Trainer to work on their Training projects.
  • Trainers can find their jobs.

Here’s the main workflow of LearnKartS:

1. Post a Project

[ Employer only]

  • An employer can be able to post projects after login or signup on the site.

2. Bid a Project

[ Freelancer Trainer only]

  • Trainers can find different projects on the main page and start bidding to join the interested project by the “Bid” button. [On some pages it might be “Apply”].
  • Besides, employers can also invite the Trainers [To enable employers to do that, a Trainer need to have “Hire Me” option enabled in your profiles]. After that, the Trainers can take a look at the project details and decide to bid it or not.

3. Accept a Bid

[ Employer only]

  • Employer will review this bid in the project detail page and decide to accept or ignore this bid.
  • When employer chooses the most suitable freelancer to work on the project, employer clicks the “Accept” button on the bid list.

4. Open the Workspace

  • Once a bid acceptance, both employer and freelancer can open the workspace to have further discussion regarding the project.
  • In this page, they can send a private message to each other and offer attached files as well.

5. Complete the project

  • Employer will review this project when the freelancer finishes.
  • If the employer is satisfied with this project, he clicks the “Finish” button and writes a review for the freelancer.
  • This project is now considered as Completed, the freelancer will press “Review & Complete” button to review and rate back for the employer.
  • If the employer isn’t happy with the freelancer’s performance after reviewing the project, he can hit the “Close” button to send a dispute to the admin.


  • Trainer notifications on Email:
    • When a Training requirement matching 1 or more skills is posted
    • When Employer accepts your application
    • When Employer send you a message
  • Employer notifications on Email:
    • When your requirement is posted successfully
    • When a Trainer applies for your requirement
    • When Trainer sends you message

Communcation between Trainer and Employer:

  • Using Chat option [Only Employer can initiate the chat first time]
  • Using Workspace [After Employer accepts the Trainer’s application, workspace will be enabled for both Employer as well as for Trainer]