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Trainer Subscription Package

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Employer Subscription Package

Following are the Subscription plans available for Employer:

*Trainer Phone number and Resume will be made available if Trainer has put that information.

*Trainer specific information will be shown only for the Trainers who have bid for the project.

*Employer Phone number will be made available if Employer has put that information.

*There is no Commission/Service Fee charges taken from LearnKartS from either Employer or Trainer.

*Employer and Trainer shall discuss the cost and payment plan with each other. LearnKartS does not play any role in that and neither shall be responsible for any payment related to training.

* LearnKartS will gaurantee to provide minimum 3 matching trainers for each Training requirement.

*All Charges are NON REFUNDABLE charges and they will not be refunded to the user under any circumstances.

*Bid/Job Posting unused after the validity period is expired, will NOT be carry forward.

* The quality of deliverable, timeline and the bid closure is between Employer and the trainer and LearnKartS does not have any role in that.

*Prices are subject to change without any prior notice. Existing subscription won’t be affected though.* FREE subscription is applicable only for 1 time, whenever FREE offer is there..