LearnKartS is a Global Community of Talented, Trusted and Best Freelancer IT Trainers.  Any one signed up with LearnKartS.com can post Training jobs and can choose a skilled Trainer for your training need. By this kind of mutual arrangement employers can pick the most skilled Trainer in their budget.

Both technical and soft skills trainers are available on the platform.

Trainers can be hired for any of the following activities:

  1. Corporate training
  2. Training Content Creation
    1. Training PPT creation
    2. Case studies/Assignment/Project delivery
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Mock Interview
  5. Webinar

Logging into your LearnKartS account is easy. Visit the Login  and continue using Social accounts like Facebook, Google and LinkedIN or login using your email account. If you don’t have an Account just click on Signup tab.

If you signup using email, you will receive an email to confirm your email account. Without email confirmation you will not be able to do any activity on the platform.


No. LearnKartS is free to sign up. Though for posting a training job or for applying for a training requirement, you need to take the subscription. Subscription packages details is here.

As an employer​, you can easily login to the site and immediately start posting your project (You need to buy the subscription package. See details of package here). Once your project is displayed, you can search for the suitable Trainers and invite them for your project.

  • Create profile
  • Post a project
  • Find the Trainer
  • Invite Trainer to bid (optionally, Trainer can also apply for your Training project)
  • Receive instant notifications


Start with creating a compelling profile and then you can bid for the available training jobs.

Yes, LearnKartS does following verification for Trainer:

  • Email Verification
  • Phone Verification
  • LinkedIn verification
  • Past Training verification

On a trainer profile, relevant icons are shown about the status of these verification.

We do following verification for Employer:

  • Email verification
  • Phone verification
  • Authenticity of the Employer account

On Employer profile, relevant icons are shown about the status of these verification.

As a trainer you should start with:

  • Create profile
  • Add portfolios and attached files
  • Search for projects
  • Bid on a project
  • Review employer
  • Receive live notification

Whenever any Training job is there which is matching your skills, you will receive the notification in email (Provided you have checked “Email me for relevant job” in your profile.)

how learnkarts works

As Trainer, you can create your profile and bid for Training Jobs which are posted on the platform by employer. As mentioned above, Trainers  can find different Training projects on the main page and start bidding to join the interested project by the Apply​ button. The employers can also invite the Trainers via their profiles as well. After that, the Trainer can take a look at the project details and decide to “Bid”​ it or not.

Employer can choose perfect trainer for its need and accept the bid.

As a Employer (college/corporate/training company/individual), you can post Training jobs on the platform and let trainers bid for the training jobs. You can also invite Trainers to bid for your training jobs. You can then choose the best trainer.

There is in-built support of chat and video call on the platform where both Employer and Trainer can talk to each other. [Note: Chat and Video call option will be enabled once Trainer bid for the Training job]

Once project is delivered from Trainer, Trainer will send it for review. Employer will click on “Finish” to complete the project.

Trainer profile will be coming up in search based on their skills, location and rate.

Yes. Once a Trainer has applied/bid for the project, employer can see resume of the trainer (if trainer has uploaded in his/her profile)

Before awarding the project:

Can chat, make audio/video call using the platform.

After awarding the project:

When Employer award the project to a Trainer, a Workspace will be available where Employer and Trainer can have further discussion on the Training job. In this workspace, they can send private message to each other and attached files as well.

Apart from that audio/video call also can be made using the platform.

We encourage both the parties to share all the relevant documents (both technical as well as milestone, delivery acceptance criteria, contract document, if any) using workspace.

No, LearnKartS is a freelance platform for trainers.

There is 0% service fees for both Employer as well as for Trainer. You just need to take the package for putting the job posting and for applying for training projects. Please see package details here.

Once project is completed, both Trainer and Employer can give rating and review for each other.

Rating and review will be displayed on the platform.

We would encourage you to upload all the important document in the workspace while finalizing the project so that in case of any dispute you have enough documents. LearnKartS does not play in role in the dispute resolution and it should be resolved between the 2 parties (Employer and Trainer) involved.

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