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Working with VSCode and IntelliJ IDE

In this project we will learn how to perform various Git operations using Visual Studio Code IDE and IntelliJ IDE

What will you Learn in the Project?

1. How to install VSCode?
2. How to integrate VSCode with Git?
3. How to perform Git operations using VSCode?
4. How to install IntelliJ?
5. How to integrate IntelliJ with Git?
6. How to perform Git operations using IntelliJ?

Skills You Will Develop

Git with VSCode, Git with IntelliJ

Tools Used

VSCode, IntelliJ, Git

Tasks Performed

1. Download and install VSCode
2. Explore VSCode IDE
3. Perform Git operations using VSCode IDE
4. Download and install IntelliJ IDEA
5. Explore IntelliJ IDEA
6. Perform Git operations using IntelliJ IDE



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Skills you will develop

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