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Working with GitLab

GitLab is a web-based Git repository that provides free open and private repositories, issue-following capabilities, and wikis. It is a complete DevOps platform that enables professionals to perform all the tasks in a project—from project planning and source code management to monitoring and security. In this project we will learn how to work with GitLab.

What Will You Learn in the Project?

1. How to create GitLab account?
2. How to work with GitLab?
3. How to clone GitLab remote repository to local?
4. How to perform PUSH and PULL operations in GitLab?
5. How to merge branches in GitLab?

Skills You Will Develop

Working with GitLab, PULL request, PUSH request

Tools Used

Git, GitLab

Tasks Performed

1. Create and setup GitLab account
2. Setup GitLab project/repository
3. Explore GitLab
4. Clone GitLab remote repository to local
5. Perform PUSH and PULL operations
6. Work with branches



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