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Working with GitHub

GitHub is where the world builds software. It is used by 83+ million developers and 4+ million organizations. It is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration.

GitHub is a project management tool for developers that allows them to track changes to their code, collaborate with other developers, and manage their projects. In this project, you will learn how to working with GitHub. You will learn how to create a new repository, commit changes to your code, and push your code to GitHub. You will also learn how to create a new branch, merge your code into the master branch, and submit a pull request.

What will you Learn in the Project Working with GitHub?

1. How to set up a GitHub account?
2. How to create a private GitHub repository?
3. How to PUSH files from local to GitHub
4. How to create PULL request?
5. How to collaborate with multiple users in GitHub
6. Approval mechanism for PULL request

Skills You Will Develop

Working with GitHub, PULL request, PUSH request

Tools Used

Git, GitHub

Tasks Performed

1. Explore GitHub
2. Create a GitHub repository
3. PUSH changes from the local repository to GitHub
4. Create a file on GitHub
5. PULL changes from GitHub to the local repository
6. Add users/collaborators to the GitHub repository

Course Content

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Skills you will develop

Create a GitHub repository

PUSH/PULL changes between local repository and GitHub

Add users/collaborators to GitHub

Approval mechanism

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