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Working with Branches, Revert Changes and Rebase

In a real-life scenario, branches are used day-in day-out by developers. Its very critical to understand the branch concept. In this project we will get complete understanding of working with branches.

In this project, you will learn how to work with code branches. This includes learning how to create and delete branches, merge branches, and rebase branches. You will also learn how to revert changes and how resolve conflicts.

Creating a branch allows you to work on a new feature or fix without affecting the main codebase. This is especially important in team environments so that everyone can work on their own code without affecting others.

To revert changes means to undo them. This can be useful if you make a mistake or want to undo an experiment. Rebasing is a way of applying changes from one branch to another. This can be used to keep your codebase up to date with upstream changes or merge changes from multiple branches.

What will you Learn in this code branches Project?

1. How to create and delete branches?
2. How to switch between branches?
3. How to move files between repositories?
4. How to deploy features on a branch?
5. How to apply bug fixes?
6. How to revert changes?
7. How to use Git rebase?

Skills You Will Develop

Work with branches

Tools Used

Git, GitHub

Tasks Performed

1. Check local branches
2. Create local branches using Git Bash
3. Switch between branches
4. Check files on a specific branch
5. Commit files on different branches
6. Remove the branch
7. Undo commit on a branch
8. PUSH from the local branch to the GitHub branch
9. Revert changes from GitHub
10. Use Git rebase

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Skills you will develop

Create and delete branches

Switch between branches

Deploy features on branch

Apply bug-fixes

Revert changes

Use Git rebase

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