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Working with BitBucket Bundle Projects


What will you Learn in the Project?

1. How to create BitBucket account?
2. How to work with BitBucket?
3. How to clone BitBucket remote repository to local?
4. How to perform PUSH and PULL operation in BitBucket?
5. How to merge branches in BitBucket?

Skills You Will Develop

Working with BitBucket, PULL request, PUSH request

Tools Used

Git, BitBucket

Tasks Performed

1. Create and setup BitBucket account
2. Setup BitBucket project/repository
3. Explore BitBucket
4. Clone BitBucket remote repository to local
5. Perform PUSH and PULL operations
6. Work with branches

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Skills you will develop

Clone BitBucket remote repository

Perform PUSH and PULL operation in BitBucket

Merge branches in BitBucket

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