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Work with Docker bundle projects


What will you Learn in the Project?

  1. How to Install Docker on Linux Machine?
  2. How to create Dockerfile?
  3. How to create a Docker image and run images inside the container?
  4. Upload Docker image to Docker hub
  5. How to deploy applications on Docker containers?

Tools Used

  1. AWS
  2. Containerization Tool: Docker

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks


a) Install Docker on Linux Machine

b) Create Docker image

c) Create Docker container using Docker image


a) Create Dockerfile

b) Create Dockeer image using Dockerfile

c) Deploy Application on Docker container

Task-3: Push Docker images to Dockerhub


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Skills you will develop

Install Docker on Linux

Create Docker images

Create Docker container

Create images from Dockerfile

Pushing Docker images to DockerHub

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