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Web Scrapping using Beautiful Soup

Using Python, we will perform web scrapping of Amazon website

“Using Python, we will perform web scapping using this Python project” Python is a versatile language that can be used for many different programming projects. One great use for Python is web scraping, which is a process of extracting data from websites. Beautiful Soup is a Python library that makes web scraping a breeze.

With Beautiful Soup, you can write simple Python code to extract data from websites. The data can be anything from simple HTML tags to more complex information like prices or product descriptions. Beautiful Soup makes web scraping quick and easy, and it’s a great tool to have in your Python toolkit.

What will you Learn in web scapping (using Python project)?

  1. How to install Beautiful Soup
  2. Perform web scrapping using Beautiful Soup

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Skills you will develop

Install Beautiful Soup

Perform Web scrapping

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