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User Authentication Application

In this project we are going to make a User Authentication Application. We will create APIs to insert, delete and logout the user from the database using Flask, HTML and SQLAlchemy

What will you Learn in the Project?

  • How to work with Modules and Views?
  • How to create an API?
  • How to connect with Jinja templates for front-end design reusability?
  • How to work with SQLAlchemy?
  • How to Insert users, update users and delete users in SQLAlchemy?
  • How to work with API’s and Routes in flask?
  • How to perform CRUD operations in Flask?

Tools & Technologies Used

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Flask
  • Python
  • HTML
  • SQLAlchemy

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Create a Directory Structure and Install flask and setup

Task-2: Create Flask app and Routes and Views

Task-3: Create HTML templates and create nav links for login, sign-up, logout and home

Task-4: Render the HTML template and create Jinja Templating Languages

Task-5: Create Sign up page using HTML

Task-6: Create a Login Page using HTML

Task-7: Create HTTP Requests POST and GET. Handling the POST requests

Task-8: Creating Message Flashing

Task-9: Install Flask SQLAlchemy package and setup

Task-10: Create Database models and Foreign Key Relationships

Task-11: Create a Database and create the new user accounts in it

Task-12: Create Logging in users

Task-13: Create Flask Login Module and check whether the user logged in or not

Task-14: Create HTML notes and add the User notes

Task-15: Create the Deleting User Notes

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Skills you will develop

Python modules and syntax

Work with Modules and Views

Create HTML Templates

Connect with Jinja templates

Work with SQLAlchemy

HTTP methods of URL routing

Insert, update and Delete data from SQLAlchemy

Create an API in flask

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