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Travel App using Flutter

In this project we are going to make a Travel app. We will be using widgets and block provider in Flutter

Creating a travel app using the Flutter framework is a great way to start with mobile app development. Flutter is a cross-platform framework that allows you to develop for Android and iOS. in this project, we’ll show you how to create a travel app using the flutter project.

What will you learn in the travel app using the flutter project?

  1. How to work with the Page View Builder?
  2. How to work with the Tab Controller?
  3. How to work with the images?
  4. How do work with Bottom Navigation Bar?
  5. How to work with Bloc Provider?
  6. How to make UI in a dynamic way using Bloc Provider?
  7. How to make an API request using the HTTP package?

Tools & Technologies Used

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Flutter

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Create a Flutter Project and working in Carousel Slider

Task-2: Create Page View builder and create list of all images building column for the carousel

Task-3: Create building the reusable widgets of app large text and app text

Task-4: Create a Custom reusable button and build dots of carousel using dots select the slider

Task-5: Create main page dart file and create some nav pages and build a Bottom navigation bar

Task-6: Create home page dart file and work on bottom navigation bar indexes and make some styling and on Tap Events

Task-7: Create Tabbar and Tabbar View. Build the icon and create the Tab Controller and Ticker provider state mix in

Task-8: Make some styling to the Tabbar and build some custom indicator for Tabbar and make some decoration for it

Task-9: Explanation on Tabbar indicator position and start building the TabBarView

Task-10: Create all the images in the Row and map the images with the text and access that images using map.keys.elementAt(index) and map.keys.element(index)

Task-11: Create detail page dart file and using Stack and Positioned widget make page architecture and create header image and midsection for the detail page dart file

Task 12: Create a Column layout for the detail page and work on star widgets

Task-13: Create five buttons making a reusable widget using app buttons dart file

Task-14: Create button selection and change colour using On Tap events and build the description section and work on the bottom buttons

Task-15: Create responsive buttons dart file and make some reusable app large buttons in it and create cubit class and state.

Task-16: Create app cubits dart file and create a Bloc provider and build a child widget for Bloc provider.

Task-17: Create Conditional State using Bloc Provider and Install HTTP package and work on the rest API request.

Task-18: Create model data dart file and use the emit state for loading.

Task-19: Create Navigation using Bloc provider and use the Bloc provider inside the home dart file and fix all the responsive buttons get all the loaded data inside the home page dart file replace it with static data

Task-20: Create a new state and emit for detail page dart file, for navigation use the Bloc Provider and update the data in a dynamic way and fix the bottom navigation part and run the whole App

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Skills you will develop

Page view builder and navigate pages

Work with TabBar and Tab Bar View

Add images to your Flutter project

Work with Stack widget

Work with Bottom navigation Bar

Use the HTTP package and Sending request to API

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