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Tik Tok Clone App

In this project we are going to make a Tik Tok clone, creating a full-stack app using Flutter, Firebase, Cloud Firestore and Get X.

What will you Learn in the Project?

  • How to work with the Get X Controller?
  • How to connect Firebase with the Flutter Project?
  • How to work with the Text Input Field and buttons?
  • How to work with Video controller in Flutter?
  • How to display video?
  • How to work with the Video Controller?
  • How to update, insert and delete from the Firebase collections?
  • How to Fetch the data and add the data for the UI in a dynamic way?
  • How to work with the basic widgets in Flutter?

Tools & Technologies Used

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Firebase
  • Flutter

Tasks Performed

Task-1: Project setup

Task-2: Create Login Screen UI using Text Input Field to take input data from user

Task-3: Create Sign Up Screen UI

Task-4: Creating Logic for Authentication

Task-5: Setup Firebase to our Flutter project

Task-6: Create a user model having name, email, password, User ID and profile photo

Task-7: Create Persisting User state and bottom tab bar

Task-8: Create Video screen and add to our Flutter project.

Task-9: Create Confirm Video Screen

Task-10: Upload Video using Get X and video compress package in flutter.

Task-11: Displaying the Videos and retrieving the data from Firebase

Task-12: Creating the Video Controller

Task-13: Create Liking Posts.

Task-14: Create Navigator for the Comment Screen, In the Comment screen we are going to display the title ,text description ,profile image, likes, date and buttons.

Task-15: Create logic for comment using Get X and Comment class require username, comment, date published, likes, profile photo, User Id and ID.

Task-16: Give the input data for comment and save it in the user Id of the particular user in firebase.

Task-17: Update the count of comment in firebase , add post and likes and save it in the sub collection in Firebase.

Task-18: Create Search Screen.

Task-19: Create Profile Screen UI having the username ,following, Followers ,Likes and buttons.

Task-20: Get the data from the Firebase and add the backend data to our Profile Screen UI in dynamic way using

Task-21: Create Sign Out form Firebase and Navigate to Register Page.

Task-22: Create Search User Screen work on follow and unfollow in Fire store collection and update the data in the collections

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Skills you will develop

Connect Flutter Project with Firebase

Work with the Text Input Field and buttons

Work with a video Controller in Flutter

Work with Get X which combines high performance state management

Display the video in Flutter

Work with a Page View builder

Fetch the data from the Firebase

Add the data to the UI in a dynamic way

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