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Story Books

In this project we are going to make a Story books app, using MongoDB Database

What will you Learn in the Project?

  • How to work with HTTP?
  • How to create API?
  • How to work with Templates and Views?
  • How to work Google Login Auth?
  • How to work with Middleware?
  • How to perform PUT and DELETE Requests?

Tools & Technologies Used

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Node
  • MongoDB

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Install all dependencies and Express setup

Task-2: Connect database and Template Engine and Layouts. Create Index Routes and Views

Task-3: Create Login Page Layout with Google login and Password Google strategy

Task-4: Create Auth Routes, save google profile data, Logout and Navigation

Task-5: Create Auth Middleware and store Sessions in database

Task-6: Create Dashboard stories

Task-7: Add story in the Database

Task-8: Create Format Date Handle bar helper and get public stories

Task-9: Create Truncate and Strip tags and Edit Icon.

Task-10: Create/Edit Story
And update in database and method of PUT requests

Task-11: Create method override of DELETE Requests

Task-12: Create a Single story page and User stories

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Skills you will develop

Create a HTTP server

Work with Templates ,Views and Routes

Create Google login Auth

Google profile ,Navigation and Logout

Work with Middleware

Work with PUT and DELETE requests