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Python – Basic to Advanced Course

Learn Python Programming the easy way, with hands-on demos, lesson end quizzes and course end project.

You will master the fundamentals and more advanced principles of Python programming in this beginner’s tutorial. This Python course covers every Python fundamental, including installation and more complex material like Python data science.

What will you learn in Python Basic To Advanced?

1. From a beginner level to a confident level of Python programming
2. Configuration of Development Environment
3. Python Standard Libraries
4. Variables, Arrays, and String Functions
5. Control Statements and Loops
6. Python Collections (Arrays)
7. Functions and Exceptions in Python
8. Classes, Objects and Regular Expressions
9. Networking and Database Access using Python and CGI Programming
10. XML Processing and GUI Programming
11. Python for Data Science- Data Frame & Data Visualization
12. Logging Framework
13. Unittest Framework
14. Socket Programming
15. Tornado Framework
16. Building a Python chat server
17. Networking


This course does NOT need any pre-requisite. You Just need to have laptop. We will hand-hold with step by step details so that you can get started with Python immediately.


“Python is the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.” – Adrian Rosebrock, Author.

Python is the most loved programming language by developers, data scientists, software engineers, and even hackers.

This Python Basic To Advanced course covers the fundamental concepts of Python programming and ways to apply this to real-world applications. The course modules, lesson-end quizzes and lesson-end project collectively cover the training course topics such as data operations, strings, file I/O, exception handling, error handling, conditional statements, CGI programming, shell scripting, web scraping and Django.

Why learn Python:

1. Easy to learn
2. Easy to use
3. Open source
4. Lot of python libraries and frameworks
5. Preferred language to use in data science
6. Preferred language to use in analytics and visualization
7. Used for building websites
8. Used for automating tasks

And last but not the least, an experienced python developer earns an average salary of $110 K per year.

Increase your in-depth understanding of Python’s design, memory models, object-arranged highlights, and information and be industry prepared.

This course comprises of the self-paced videos, 18 demos, 30 lesson-end quizzes and a competitive course-end project.

Who uses Python?

As python is a general-purpose language, it is used in a variety of fields and industries:

Software engineer
Data analyst
Data scientist
Ethical hacker/penetration tester
Cloud architect
QA engineer

So come join this course and become a Python Programmer and be part of the one of most popular programming languages.

Who this course is for?

1. College Freshers
2. Software Developers
3. Programming Enthusiasts
4. Technical Leads
5. Python is widely used in Artificial intelligence so if you are planning to start your career in AI/Machine Learning then you need to have an understanding of Python as a pre-requisite.

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