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Performing Git Operations

Learn how to perform various Git Operations – add files to repository, Commit changes, revert changes, check status etc

What will you Learn in the Project?

This is the very first project which you shall take when you are starting your journey for Git. You will learn the followings as part of this project:

  1. How to install Git
  2. How to initialize Git
  3. How to configure Git
  4. How to perform basic Git Operations

Skills You Will Develop

Git basics, Working with Git

Tools Used


Tasks Performed

  1. Check if Git is already installed on your system
  2. Download and install Git
  3. Initialize Git
  4. Configure Git
  5. Add files to the repository
  6. Commit changes
  7. Revert changes
  8. Check files status
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Skills you will develop

Install, initialize and configure Git

Add files to the repository

Commit changes

Revert changes

Check file status

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