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Node JS

Node.js or Node or Node JS all are different names for the same technology. Node.js is a run time environment. A runtime acts as a middle-man so Node.js helps us to use Javascript to handle system processes, files and even databases. It’s very popular among web developers so let’s learn it!!
Note: This is a FREE curated course.

Node.js is one of the most famous and common programming languages that has been utilized by many startups and large enterprises for software development. It is an on-demand skill that is ideal for upskilling for your career. And to help you master it, Node JS Free Course covers everything about Node.js. Curated by industry professionals, it helps you construct scalable web apps using the Express Framework.

What will you learn in Node JS Free Course?

By the end of this course, you shall be able to learn the followings:

  1. V8 Javascript Engine
  2. Node.js Event Loop
  3. Node core Module
  4. Timers
  5. HTTP Transaction
  6. Filesystems
  7. Streams
  8. Domain Module Postmortem
  9. Node JS Modules
  10. Functions
  11. Buffer
  12. Pipes
  13. Module
  14. Promises
  15. Closures
  16. Async programming
  17. Callbacks
  18. Node Package Manager
  19. Creating Web Server
  20. HTTP _Parser
  21. Creating Web Server
  22. AXIOS
  23. File System
  24. Template
  25. I/O Operations
  26. Running & Debugging Nodejs Scripts
  27. Events
  28. Template Engines
  29. Express JS
  30. Rest API
  31. JSON
  32. Routes
  33. Working with Express
  34. Serving Static Resources
  35. Serving Static Files
  36. Working with Middle Ware
  37. Database Connectivity
  38. Connecting to Database


You should have a basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML.


A warm welcome to the Node.js course.

Node.js is a rapidly growing web server technology. It’s a common part of MEAN or MERN stack.

In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of Node and will learn how NodeJS works,

In this course, we’ll look at how the V8 Javascript engine works and how Node.js uses it to expand the abilities of Javascript. You’ll learn how to structure your code for reuse.

You’ll learn how asynchronous code works in Node and the Node event loop, as well as how to use the event emitter, streams, buffers, pipes, and work with files. We’ll see how that leads to building a web server in Node.

You’ll also gain an understanding of npm and connecting to databases.

Who is this course for?

The complete beginners who want to start their journey into MEAN or MERN Full stack developer or Back-end developer

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Course Includes

  • 10 Lessons
  • 64 Topics
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