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Multi Master K8’s Cluster Setup Using Kubeadm

In this Project, we will use Ubuntu installation as a base image for the seven server machines needed. The server machines will all be configured on the same network and this network needs to have access to the Internet. The first machine needed is the machine on which the HAProxy load balancer will be installed on this machine. We also need three Kubernetes master nodes and we will also have two Kubernetes worker nodes. We will use my HAProxy as a client machine to generate all the necessary certificates, but also to manage the Kubernetes cluster.

In Multi-Master K8’s Cluster Setup Using Kubeadm Project, we will Setup a High-Availability Kubernetes Cluster with Multiple Masters Node using Kubeadm in AWS EC2 Ubuntu Servers to handle the huge amount of traffic on the coming big billion sales day at Flipkart or Amazon. And also, we will be using HAProxy (High Availability Proxy) for Load Balancing. We will Create and Deploy a Sample Web Application on Kubernetes to check High Availability.

What will you Learn in the Multi-Master K8’s Cluster Setup Using Kubeadm?

This is the very first project which you shall take when you are starting your journey for Git. You will learn the following as part of this project:

  1. How to install Git
  2. How to initialize Git
  3. How to configure Git
  4. How to perform basic Git Operations

Tools & Technologies Used


Tasks Performed

  1. Check if Git is already installed on your system
  2. Download and install Git
  3. Initialize Git
  4. Configure Git
  5. Add files to the repository
  6. Commit changes
  7. Revert changes
  8. Check files status
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Skills you will develop

Create a high availability system

Configure HAproxy

Make load balancer between pods in Kubernetes

Join nodes in the cluster

Create a sample application for deployment

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