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Monitor Linux server using Prometheus and Grafana

In this Project we will install and setup Prometheus, Grafana and Node exporter , and then we will monitor a Linux server using Prometheus and Grafana 

Prometheus and Grafana are two popular open-source tools that can be used to monitor Linux server. Prometheus can be used to collect and store metrics data, while Grafana can be used to visualize the data. Both tools are easy to use and have a wide range of features. Prometheus is particularly useful for collecting data from multiple sources and for storing it in a central location. Grafana is great for visualizing data and making it easy to understand.

What will you Learn in the Project Monitor Linux server using Prometheus and Grafana?

  • How to install Prometheus on Ubuntu server?
  • How to install Grafana on Ubuntu server?
  • How to install Node-Exporter on Ubuntu server?
  • How to configure Node-Exporter?
  • How to integrate Prometheus to Grafana?
  • How to add data source?
  • How to import the dashboard of Linux machine?
  • How to monitor linux server using grafana and prometheus?

Tools & Technologies Used

  • AWS
  • Visualization Tool : Grafana
  • Monitoring Tool : Prometheus

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Create 2 ubuntu hosts/machines in the Mumbai region

Task-2: Install Prometheus in Grafana-Server

Task-3: Install Grafana in Grafana-server

Task-4: Install Node-Exporter and Configure Node-Exporter in Prometheus

Task-5: Add data source in Grafana Application

Task-6: Import Dashboard in Grafana Application

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Skills you will develop

Access Prometheus Web UI

Configure firewall

Add Grafana Repository

Install node exporter

Check Targets in Prometheus

Add data source in Grafana

Configure and Import dashboard in Grafana

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