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Jenkins – From Zero To Hero

This Jenkins training Course will help you to become a master in DevOps by learning Jenkins and integrations with powerful tools like Docker, Ansible, AWS, Git, Maven, SonarQube and more!

What will you learn Jenkins?

A complete course prepared by an industry expert covering theory and hands-on experience working with tools – Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Sonarqube, and how to integrate all of them in a CICD pipeline.


This course does NOT need any pre-requisite. You Just need to have laptop and an Internet connection. We will hand-hold with step-by-step details so that you can get started with Jenkin immediately.


This Jenkins Training Course will help you to use Jenkins in DevOps. You will learn DevOps, continuous integration, continuous deployment, build pipelines, Jenkin X, Integration of Jenkin with Docker, Ansible, code quality inspection and improvement, with industry-standard demos and projects.

So, if you are new to a DevOps role or a college fresh out and want to learn how to start working on Jenkins. This course is for you.

This course will cover all the necessary hands-on tasks which you may come across in a DevOps role on a daily basis:

1. Understand DevOps conepts
2. Understand DevOps tools and how Jenkin fits into CICD Pipeline
3. How to install Jenkin?
4. Jenkin Pipeline concept and implement it
5. Integrating Jenkin with Git and Github
6. Jenkin Build
7. Setting up Jenkin for Maven and triggering build along with notification
8. Work with Jenkin CLI and scripts
9. Configure Jenkin for Tomcat
10. Invoking parallel Jenkin build
11. Integrating Jenkins with Docker, Ansible and SOnarQube
12. Perform remote testing
13. Take a backup and restore
14. Jenkins access management and Security

The course has high-quality engaging videos, 15+ demos, 50+ quizzes and 1 course-end project explaining all these concepts with theory and hands-on.

Who is this course for?

1. College Freshers
2. Anyone who is new to the DevOps role
3. Anyone who wants to learn Jenkins, along with its integration with Maven, Docker, Ansible, and Sonarqube
4. Anyone who wants to deploy a CICD pipeline

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Course Includes

  • 14 Lessons
  • 140 Topics
  • 11 Quizzes
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