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Integrate SonarQube with Jenkins Pipeline

In this project, we will learn how to Install SonarQube plugin in Jenkins, how to create POLLSCM Jenkins job and then how to integrate SonarQube with Jenkins

In this project, SonarQube is a popular open-source tool for static code analysis, which can be used to detect bugs, coding style violations, and security vulnerabilities in code. we’ll show you how to use SonarQube with Jenkins Pipeline to perform automated code analysis and improve the quality of your code. we will Install the SonarQube plugin in Jenkins. And also, we will create a POLLSCM Jenkins job. Then we will integrate SonarQube with Jenkins using Pipeline. Using a Jenkins pipeline to give feedback on code quality is a great way to ensure that your codebase is always of the highest quality. SonarQube is a great tool for this, and using it in conjunction with Jenkins can give you even more insight into the health of your code. In the Jenkins Pipeline job, you’ll need to specify the location of your SonarQube server and your project’s source code. You can then specify the goals that you want to achieve, such as analysis of your code’s quality or security.

What will you Learn in the Project Integrate SonarQube with Jenkins Pipeline?

In this project, you will learn the followings:

  1. How to install the SonarQube plugin in Jenkins?
  2. How to create POLLSCM Jenkins job?
  3. How to integrate code coverage tool with Jenkins?

Tools Used

  1. Source Code Management Tool: Git, GitHub
  2. CI/CD Tool: Jenkins
  3. Build Automation Tool: Maven
  4. Code Quality Assurance tool: SonarQube

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Install SonarQube on your AWS EC2 LINUX Machine and setup


a) Install SonarQube plugin

b) Integrate SonarQube with your application source code

Task 3: Create a POLLSCM job to run the pipeline based on changes on the GitHub repository

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Skills you will develop

Work with SonarQube

Create POLLSCM job

SonarQube installation

SonarQube integration with Jenkins

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