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Integrate Maven with Jenkins

In this project we will learn how to create AWS EC2 Linux machine and how to build Maven project using Jenkins  

In this project, we will create an AWS EC2 Linux machine to build a Maven project using Jenkins. And also, we will Implement an email plugin in the Jenkins pipeline to send email notifications so that you can report the build status and testing results to the team.

What will you Learn in the Project in Integrate Maven with Jenkins?

You will learn the following as part of this project:

  1. How do create AWS EC2 LINUX Machine?
  2. How to install Jenkins on AWS EC2 LINUX Machine?
  3. How to integrate GitHub with Jenkins?
  4. How to implement webhooks in your Jenkins pipeline?
  5. How to integrate Maven with Jenkins to automate the builds?
  6. How to integrate the Email plugin in Jenkins?
  7. How to create Maven build Jenkins job?

Tools Used

  1. Source Code Management Tool: GIT, GITHUB
  2. CI/CD Tool: Jenkins
  3. Build Automation Tool: Maven

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

1-:  Create AWS EC2 Linux Machine and install Jenkins on it

2-: Implement webhooks integration between Jenkins and GitHub for automatic build execution.

3-: Install Integrate the Maven tool on your install configure the Maven tool on your AWS EC2 LINUX server, WS EC2 LINUX Machine

Task-4: Install Maven plugins in your Jenkins and set up the (M) path on the JENKINS console

Download these Plugins – Maven integration, Maven invoker

Task-5: Implement an email plugin in the Jenkins pipeline to send notifications post-pipeline completion

Download the Email extension plugin

Task-6: Test build automation with the help of build tools like Maven to understand the build process

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Skills you will develop

Create AWS EC2 LINUX Machine

Jenkins installation on AWS EC2

Implement webhooks

Jenkins pipeline

Integrate email plugin

Set up Maven on Jenkins

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