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Integrate Ansible with Jenkins Pipeline

In this project we will install Ansible on AWS EC2 LINUX Machine, deploy Ansible Playbook from Ansible server to Tomcat server, deploy with Jenkins and deploy war file on Tomcat server

What Will You Learn in the Project?

  1. How to Install Ansible Plugin?
  2. How to Integrate Ansible on Jenkins server?
  3. How to create Ansible Playbook for Jenkins pipeline?
  4. How to Run Ansible Playbook from Jenkins?
  5. Integrate POLL SCM with Jenkins

Tools Used

  • AWS, GITHUB, Tomcat
  • Configuration Management ool : Ansible
  • CI/CD Tool: Jenkins
  • Build Automation Tool: Maven

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Install Ansible on AWS servers and add servers/hosts in ansible

Task-2: Integrate Ansible with Jenkins

Task-3: Create an Ansible playbook to copy files from the ansible server to the tomcat server

Task-4: Integrate the ansible-playbook with Jenkins to deploy the war file on the tomcat server

Task-5: Integrate POLLSCM so that job will be triggered once you will commit the changes on the GitHub repository

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Skills you will develop

Work with Ansible

Integrate Ansible with Jenkins

Ansible playbook

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