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House Architecture using Polymorphism

Using core Java, we will create House architecture program for different types of houses

In computer programming, polymorphism is a technique that allows code to be written in a way that is more flexible and adaptable. One common use of polymorphism in Java is to use a single interface to represent multiple different types of objects. For example, java. util. A list interface can be use to represent a list of any type of object.

Another way to use polymorphism in Java is to write code that can be use with objects of any type. For example, the toString() method can be use with any object and will return a string representation of that object. Polymorphism is a powerful tool that can make your code more flexible and easier to work with. When used correctly, it can make your code more readable and maintainable.

What will you Learn in the Implement polymorphism using Java project?

  1. Understand Polymorphism
  2. Implement Polymorphism

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Skills you will develop

Understand Polymorphism

Implement Polymorphism

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