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Deploying Website on AWS

In this project we will deploying our own Website on AWS and setting up Domain name using Route 53 and we will be storing user input in RDS Database

What will you Learn in the Project?

  1. How to create MySQL Database on AWS?
  2. How to create S3 Bucket?How to setup MySQL on server?
  3. How to Run website on local host?
  4. How to Run website on EC2 server?
  5. How to create IAM Role? 
  6. How to create freenom Domain?
  7. How to create hosted zone in Route 53?
  8. How to create Record set in Route 53?

Tools & Technologies Used

We will be using the following AWS services in the project:

  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Route 53

Tasks Performed

The project is divided into following tasks:

Task-1: Deploy MySQL DataBase on AWS

Task-2: Create S3 Bucket, Ubuntu server and connect to server

Task-3: Install MySQL Client on server and connect to RDS

Task-4: Create Database and create table

Task-5: Configure website and run the website on local host

Task-6: Create repository in GitHub, push config file and run website on EC2 Server

Task-7: Create IAM Role for EC2 Service to give access to upload a data to S3

Task-8: Create domain on freenom and create hosted zone in Route 53 to connect freenom domain

Task-9: Create Record set to connect Route 53 service to EC2 server and access website

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Skills you will develop

Connect RDS to instance

Attach IAM Role to server

Connect Route 53 service to EC2 server

Provide EC2 Instance access to upload data to S3

Connect Route 53 to freenom Domain

Write config file

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