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Deploy the Artifacts on Tomcat server using Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline

In this project we will install Tomcat server on AWS EC2 LINUX Machine, deploy war file and archive artefacts  

In this project, we will set up a Tomcat server on AWS EC2 LINUX Machine, then will write a pipeline script to build and deploy war file on the Tomcat server using Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline, Jenkins is a powerful tool for automating the deployment of artifacts to a Tomcat server. In this project, we’ll show you how to set up a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline to deploy your artifacts to a Tomcat server.

The process is very simple and straightforward. You just need to create a new Jenkins job, select the “Pipeline” job type, and specify the Git repository where your source code is located. In the “Pipeline” section, you just need to specify the steps necessary to build your project and deploy it on Tomcat server.

That’s it! Once you save the job, Jenkins will automatically build and deploy your project on Tomcat server every time there is a new commit in the specified Git repository. Jenkins is a popular open-source tool that helps developers automate their software development process. One of the most common use cases for Jenkins is setting up a CI/CD pipeline.

What Will You Learn in the ProjectDeploy the Artifacts on Tomcat server using Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline.

  1. How to create JenkinsFile?
  2. How to create a multibranch pipeline job in Jenkins?
  3. How to deploy Tomcat service on AWS Machine?
  4. How to archive the application artefacts and deploy on the Tomcat server?

Tools Used

  1. Source Code Management Tool: GIT, GITHUB
  2. CI/CD Tool: Jenkins
  3. Build Automation Tool: Maven
  4. Tomcat
  5. AWS

Tasks Performed

As part of this project, we will be performing the following tasks:


a) Create AWS EC2 LINUX Machine

b) Install and setup Tomcat  server on AWS EC2 LINUX Machine

Task-2: Deploy war file in tomcat using Jenkins

Task-3: Deploy Jenkins file into tomcat server from Jenkins using archive artifacts.

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Skills you will develop


Install and setup Tomcat server

Tomcat using Jenkins

LINUX Machine


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