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Deploy Apache NiFi on Docker with AWS EC2

In this project we will setup Apache NiFi and will deploy Apache NiFi on Docker with AWS EC2 instance and connect to the web interface

What will you Learn in the Project?

  • How to install Docker on EC2 instance?
  • How to build Docker container with NiFi image?
  • How to setup relevant time zone and getting the necessary connectors for NiFi to process properly?

Tools & Technologies Used

  • AWS
  • Containerization Tool: Docker
  • ETL (Extract Transform Load) Tool : NiFi

Tasks Performed

Task-1: Create AWS EC2 instances

Task-2: Install Docker on the EC2 instances

Task-3: Build a Docker container with a Ni-Fi image

Task-4: Set up relevant time zone and get the necessary connectors for Ni-Fi to process the data properly

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Skills you will develop

Install Docker

Build Docker container

Install Apache NiFi in EC2 on AWS cloud

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