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Movie Review Sentiment Prediction

In this project, you will create a Deep learning binary classification model that understands the user comments and predicts whether the comment is a positive or negative review. For this task, we will be taking the help of the IMDB open-source dataset for movies to read and will create a deep learning model based upon the user reviews.

What will you Learn in the Project?

You will learn following as part of this project:

  1. Data loading and Exploratory data analysis
  2. How to remove the stop words using the NLTK library for text classification
  3. How to convert words to vectors using Word2Vec.
  4. How to build a Convolutional 2D model with a pooling layer using Keras
  5. How to use activation functions like Relu and optimizers like Adam.
  6. How to train the model using a Keras classifier with epochs and batch size

Tools Used

  1. Jupyter Notebook
  2. NumPy
  3. Genism
  4. Scikit-Learn
  5. Keras
  6. NLTK

Tasks Performed

Task-1: Import the various libraries used in the problem and load the dataset

Task-2: Remove the stop words from the dataset and convert them into vectors so that they can be understood by the machine

Task-3: Create the convolution 2D layer model function for training

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Skills you will develop

Exploratory data analysis

Data cleaning


Convolutional 2D layers


Keras classifier

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