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Create GitFlow and Performing Hotfixes

If there are multiple developers working on the same project, merge issues are bound to happen. But with a common workflow we can reduce the merge issues. In this project, you will learn how to create and work with Git flow.

What will you learn?

1. How to create Gitflow?
2. How to work with Gitflow – Work with feature branch, develop branch, release branch?
3. How to create Hotfix?

Skills You Will Develop

Git flow, Work with Git Workflow, Apply hotfix

Tools Used

Git, GitHub

Tasks Performed

1. Create Gitflow
2. Work with FEATURE branch
3. Move changes from FEATURE branch to DEVELOP branch
4. PUSH changes from DEVELOP branch to GitHub
5. Create RELEASE branch and work with it
6. PUSH changes from RELEASE branch to GitHub
7. Merge RELEASE branch to MAIN and DEVELOP branch
8. Create HOTFIX branch
9. Apply hotfix i.e. Merge hotfix to develop branch

Course Content

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Skills you will develop

Create Gitflow

Work with Feature and Release branch

Work with Develop and Hotfix branch

Apply hotfix

PUSH changes from DEVELOP branch to GitHub

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