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Create GitFlow and Performing Hotfixes Bundle Projects


In this project, you will learn how to create Gitflow and work with a feature branch, develop branch, release branch, and Hotfix, GitHub has become the standard for version control these days. In order to keep track of changes made to code, developers need to use a system that can easily handle different versions of the codebase. One popular system is called GitFlow.

GitFlow is a model for how to manage branches in a Git repository. It was created by Vincent Driessen, and it is based on his experience working with large teams of developers. The GitFlow model has two main branches: The development branch is where all the work on new features and bug fixes takes place. This is the branch that developers should be working on most of the time. The master branch is the branch that contains the code that is currently in production. This branch should only be updated when a new version of the codebase is ready to be released. The hotfix branch is used for making quick fixes to the code that is in production. This branch is created off of the master branch, and it is deployed directly to production.

What will you learn Create GitFlow and Performing Hotfixes Bundle Projects?

1. How to create Git flow?
2. How to work with Git flow – Work with a feature branch, develop branch, release branch?
3. How to create Hotfix?

Skills You Will Develop

Git flow, Work with Git Workflow, Apply hotfix

Tools Used

Git, GitHub

Tasks Performed

1. Create Gitflow
2. Work with FEATURE branch
3. Move changes from FEATURE branch to DEVELOP branch
4. PUSH changes from DEVELOP branch to GitHub
5. Create a RELEASE branch and work with it
6. PUSH changes from RELEASE branch to GitHub
7. Merge RELEASE branch to MAIN and DEVELOP branch
8. Create HOTFIX branch
9. Apply hotfix i.e. Merge hotfix to develop branch



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Skills you will develop

Create Gitflow

Work with Feature and Release branch

Work with Develop and Hotfix branch

Apply hotfix

PUSH changes from DEVELOP branch to GitHub

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