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Create E-commerce Web-site

In this project we are going to make a fully responsive E-commerce Web site from scratch using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We will build and deploy a full multipage ecommerce website completely from scratch step by step

What will you Learn in the Project?

  1. How to work with a Nav Bar?
  2. How to work with the HTML Tags?
  3. How to work with images?
  4. How to work with the display and position property?
  5. How to work with stpositions fixed position in CSS?
  6. How to make UI in Responsive way?
  7. How to build logics in JavaScript?
  8. How to make styling using CSS?

Tools and Technology Used

  • Visual Studio Code
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Tasks Performed

As part of this project we will be performing the following tasks:

Task-1: Create a Folder Directory and setup a project using HTML create header and menu add some styling using CSS

Task-2: Create Hero section and align position as sticky in CSS

Task-3: Create Features section and add the items and make styling using CSS

Task-4: Create a Featured product section and add the product images, name, price and rating

Task-5: Create Call to action banner and make section id as banner

Task-6: Create new arrival Products it is displayed bottom of the banner and call to Action banners

Task-7: Create Text Banners and create Newsletter section in it

Task-8: Create a footer section and add images, address and follow us

Task-9: Create Responsive break point and Responsive sidebar menu

Task-10: Create Responsive Break point

Course Content

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Skills you will develop

Create Nav bar

Work with the HTML tags

Work with Routes

Use position and display property in CSS

Logic building using JavaScript.

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