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Create a Dashboard to Show Sales Performance with Tableau

In this project, you have a dataset of sales of an electronic store, which contains data related to orders and products sold under those orders along with details of sales and profit.

What will you learn?

You will learn:

  • How to load the dataset into a Tableau?
  • How to visualize data using different charts and graphs available in Tableau?
  • How to create a dashboard in Tableau?


Tableau desktop

Tasks to be Performed

As part of this project, the following tasks will be performed:

Task-1: Create visualization for sales by sub-category using a bar graph

Task-2: Create visualization for market-wise profit split using a pie chart

Task-3: Create visualization for profit by category using a bar graph

Task-4: Create visualization for profit by sales for subcategories of products using bubble charts

Task-5: Create a dashboard taking all the above visualization

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Skills you will develop


Data visualization using tableau

Data analysis

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