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SQL for Beginners

SQL is the most used database query language. SQL is used in many job roles like Data Scientists, Back-End Developers, and programmers and is one of the must skills to learn.

By mastering SQL, a common database query language for storing, altering, and retrieving data from databases, you can improve your data handling abilities. With a Complete SQL Course available at beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, we are ready to help you enhance these abilities. You can take classes in topics like SQL for Data Science, Joins in SQL, Analytics with SQL and Python, and more. You might also consider enrolling in a course covering beginning SQL projects. Enrol in these online courses to improve your skills, and upon completion, you will receive free SQL certificates.

What will you learn in the Complete SQL Course?

This is a complete course for beginners and will cover all the topics required to get started. It will cover the following:

  1. Basics database and schema understanding
  2. DBMS architecture
  3. Entity relation model and relationship
  4. DDL commands – Create, Alter, Rename, Drop and Truncate
  5. DML commands – Insert, Update, Delete
  6. Data types
  7. Integrity constraints – primary key, foreign key, NOT NULL, etc.
  8. Operators
  9. Built-in functions
  10. Grouping the queries
  11. Joining the tables
  12. Subqueries
  13. Special operators
  14. TCL commands – Commit, Rollback, Savepoint
  15. Grant, Revoke, Pseudo Columns – Rowid, Rownum, currentval, nextval
  16. Views, Synonym, Sequence, Index

Pre-requisite for the Course

There is no pre-requisite for this course. We will start with the very basics and then will build step by step on top of that.


A warm welcome to this SQL course!

SQL is the most used database query language used to access data from the relational database. It can only work with data which is relational means stored in form of tables.

The course is hands-on specific and contains a lot of demos. You will also be getting the lab to practice immediately what you are learning in the course.

SQL is comparatively easy to learn, and you can get started with it really fast. It is very much like the English language which makes it even easier to learn.

We will be using the following tools:

Server – Oracle Database Server 21C

Client – PL/SQL Developer tool

Who is this course for?

  1. Back-end developer
  2. Full-stack developer
  3. Data Engineer, Data scientist and Data analyst

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Course Includes

  • 7 Hours
  • 11 Lessons
  • 86 Topics
  • 1 Quiz
  • 25 demos
  • Lab Available
  • Course Certificate
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