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DevOps – CICD Pipeline with Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Sonarqube, Nagios and Kubernetes (12 Projects)

Learn A to Z of CI CD pipeline in DevOps with Real-time hands-on projects

What will you Learn in the Project cicd pipeline using Jenkins?

A complete hands-on experience working with tools – Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Sonarqube, Nagios and Kubernetes and how to integrate all of them in a CICD pipeline.


This course does NOT need any pre-requisite. You Just need to have laptop and an Internet connection. We will hand-hold with step by step details so that you can get started with DevOps immediately.


Complete hands-on course which will help learners to implement complete DevOps CICD Pipeline in a unique story telling way covering the business scenarios to help you understand in interesting and engaging way. This course contains total 12 projects which cover all the important tools used in the industry – Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Sonarqube, Nagios and Kubernetes .

The projects will start from scratch and will build the pipeline by integrating various tools in a structred manner. We will cover all these tools from basics as well so if you are not aware of these tools then also no need to worry, we will cover all the basic aspects.

So, if you are new to a DevOps role or a college fresh out and want to learn how to start working on DevOps. This course is for you.

This course will cover all the necessary hands-on tasks which you may come across in a developer role on a daily basis:

1.How to install Jenkins on local machine.How to integrate GIT with Jenkins.
2.How to create and run Jenkins job.3.How to create parallel builds in Jenkins.
4.Create AWS EC2 LINUX Machine.
5.How to install Jenkins on AWS EC2 LINUX Machine.
6.How to integrate GITHUB with Jenkins.
7.How to implement webhooks in your Jenkins pipeline.
8.How to integrate MAVEN with Jenkins to automate the builds
9.How to integrate email plugin in Jenkins.
10.How to create Maven build Jenkins job.
11.How to Install SonarQube plugin in Jenkins.
12.How to create POLLSCM Jenkins job.
13.How to integrate code coverage tool with Jenkins.
14.How to integrate email service and send code coverage reports to users
15.How to create JenkinsFile.
16.How to create Multibranch Pipeline job in Jenkins.
17.How to deploy Tomcat service on AWS machine.
18.How to archive the application artefacts and deploy on Tomcat server.
19.How to install Ansible on AWS EC2 machine.

20. How to configure passwordless authentication.

21.How to create and run Ansible playbooks.22.How to add servers/hosts in Ansible.
23.How to install Ansible plugin.
24.How to integrate Ansible on Jenkins server.
25.How to create Ansible Playbook for Jenkins pipeline.
26.How to run Ansible Playbook from Jenkins.
27.Integrate Poll SCM with Jenkins
28.How to install Docker on Linux machine.
29.How to create Dockerfile30. How to create Docker images and run images inside container31. Upload docker image to Docker Hub.32.How to deploy applications on Docker containers.
33.How to integrate Docker with Jenkins.
34.How to integrate Docker with Ansible.
35.How to deploy application on Docker containers using Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline.
36.How to install and configure Kubernetes.
37.How to work with Kubernetes pods.
38.How to create Kubernetes clusters.
39.How to deploy multiple Docker containers on Kubernetes

40. How to integrate Kubernetes with Ansible.

41.How to create Kubernetes deployment and services using Ansible.
42.How to automate Kubernetes deployments with Jenkins CI/CD pipeline
43.How to launch AWS EC2 machine.
44.Install and configure Nagios XI server on CENTOS/UBUNTU machine.
45.How to add servers/hosts in Nagios XI
46.How to create Interactive dashboards based on Nagios XI servers monitoring
47.How to add Docker containers in Nagios XI.
48.How to monitor Docker containers using the Nagios XI monitoring tool.

Who this course is for?

1. College Freshers
2. Anyone who is new to the DevOps role
3. Anyone who wants to learn Jenkins, Maven, Docker, Ansible, Sonarqube, Nagios and Kubernetes in quick time
4. Anyone who wants to deploy a CICD pipeline

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Skills you will develop

Complete CICD Pipeline

Work with Jenkins

Work with Docker

Work with Kubernetes

Work with Ansible

Work with Sonarqube

Work with Nagios

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