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C Programming

C is more often the very first language which a developer goes for. Learning C helps to understand a lot of underlying architecture of operating systems like data structure, pointers, memory locations etc. It is extensively used in embedded programming.
Note: This is a FREE curated course.

Learning C programming language can be advantageous for a person because it is the foundation for many other sophisticated languages and other computer-related topics, including computer networks, compiler design, computer architecture, and operating systems. Learning C programming is essential if you want to interact with CPU cache, memory, or network adapters because the machine-level details are also conceale from the user in today’s high-level languages. Therefore, it is a talent that will only strengthen your educational toolbox.

What will you learn in C Programming?

  1. Gain a solid understanding of the C programming language’s foundations.
  2. Variables
  3. Using the Input and Output (I/O) functions
  4. Casting
  5. Control flow statements (controlling the execution flow of a C Program)
  6. Logical Operators
  7. Different types of Loops (including For, While, and Do-While in C)
  8. Functions – declaration | definition | usage
  9. Arrays – one-dimensional and two dimensional
  10. Working with Strings
  11. Recursions (Concepts + C Usage)
  12. Pointers
  13. Unions


It is not necessary to have any prior programming expertise! This course is designe for complete beginners!


A warm welcome to this C programming course.

The “mother” of all computer languages is called the C programming language.

C was create over 50 years ago and has since been use to build:

  • Operating Systems: C is at the heart of operating systems.
  • C is use to create the core components of well-known databases (such as Oracle and MySQL).
  • Cyber-Systems
  • Smart Cities and Smart Homes
  • Sensors and Microcontrollers (particularly in Embedded Systems) – The C programming language is commonly used to program an MCU.

Compared to other high-level languages, C works much more closely with machines, making it incredibly useful and efficient. Understanding the fundamentals of computer theory is also add by C. You will develop logic-building skills and clear your programming concepts with this course.

Yet another advantage of learning C is that it has a very swift execution time compared to other programmings languages.

Who this course is for?

  • People looking to start their programming journey
  • Beginner C developers
  • College Students
  • People who are just curious about the topic.

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Course Includes

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