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Build AWS Multi-Tier Architecture

In this Project We will be learning how to setup Multi-Tier Architecture on AWS using services VPC,EC2,Route 53.

The AWS Multi-Tier Architecture is designed to provide high availability and performance for your applications. It is built around a number of key components, including load balancers, web servers, application servers, and database servers. The load balancers distribute incoming traffic between the web servers, which handle the static content of your website. The application servers process the dynamic content, such as database queries and user interactions. The database servers store the data for your application.

What Will you Learn in The Project in AWS Multi-Tier Architecture?

  1. How to set up VPC?
  2. How to create a Route table?
  3. How to create an Internet Gateway?
  4. How to create NAT Gateway?
  5. How to create IAM Role?
  6. How to create a Simple Notification Service?
  7. How to Create a DataBase MySQL Instance?
  8. How to create an Elastic Load Balancer?
  9. How to create Route 53 hosted zone?
  10. How to create AMIs Images from a running instance?
  11. How to create a certificate manager to issue an SSL certification?
  12. How to create Launch Configuration?
  13. How to create an Auto-Scaling Group?
  14. How to create VPN Server?

Tools & Technologies Used

We will be using the following services in the project:

  • AWS EC2
  • AWS Route 53
  • AWS Auto Scaling

Tasks Performed

The following tasks will be performed as part of this project:

Task-1: Create VPC, 2 Public and Private subnets, Route table, Internet Gateway, and NAT Gateway

Task-2: Create EC2 instance with Bootstrapping script

Task 3: Create IAM Role, attach it to Instances, and create a Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Task 4: Create a Security Group and  launch Database Instance

Task-5: Create Elastic Load Balancer and set up word press application

Task-6: Create Route 53 hosted zones to map with Domain

Task-7: Configure the WordPress application, create AMI Image from a running instance and create a certificate for a domain

Task-8: Create auto-scaling group and check the load balancer

Task-9: Create a Rule under the CloudWatch to receive email-notification

Task-10: Create and Configure OpenVPN Server

Course Content

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Skills you will develop

Create VPC

Create Private and Public subnets

Attach Internet Gateway to VPC

Attach NAT Gateway to Private Route table

Install services, packages using BootStrap

Attach IAM Role to Instance

Create Security Group

Launch Wordpress Application

Aap hosted zone to Domain

Increase/decrease the instances when CPU Utilization is high/low

Access OpenVPN Web UI and create user

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