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Do you know what is common among Netflix, Google, PayPal, Lego, HBO, General Motors, Sony, The Guardian, and Upwork?  They all use Angular. Well, leaning Angular does not need more motivation. Lets join this FREE curated course.

What will you learn?

  1. Mastering the fundamentals and important concepts
  2. Understanding Node NPM, Angular CLI, Typescript
  3. What are Modules and Components
  4. Understanding configuration files
  5. Building Single Page Application using Angular
  6. Understanding Routing, router-outlet, routeLink and Lazy loading
  7. Handling navigation
  8. Angular validation using formgroup, formcontrols and validators.
  9. What Pipes are and how to use them
  10. Creating loosely coupled architecture using DI (Dependency Injection) and providers.
  11. Implementing reusable user controls using input, output and event emitters.
  12. Troubleshooting common Angular errors.
  13. Making HTTP calls, understanding HTTP client, HTTP interceptors and fixing the double-entry problem
  14. Integrating Angular with visual studio, MVC core and WebAPI.
  15. Unit testing using Jasmine and Karma.


A basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript is helpful.


A warm welcome to this Angular course.

Angular is a JavaScript framework used to build large, scalable apps. It allows you to build great web apps which offer awesome user experiences!

Angular is developed by Google. Therefore, it has a massive community and support. Angular developers have a huge demand in the market. The average starting salary for an Angular developer is $115k USD. Tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Paypal, Forbes and Samsung, all use Angular in their production.

By the end of this course, you will learn all the fundamentals and will be able to design and develop your own single page application using Angular.

Who this course is for?

  1. Students and complete beginners to Angular development
  2. Anyone looking to learn Angular from the basics
  3. Anyone aiming to upgrade their skills and find a better job
  4. Those looking to explore front end development

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Course Includes

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  • 73 Topics
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