• Beginner

    Admin Dashboard

    Create Project Folder Structure and Files
    Work with the Side Bar and CSS variables
    Work with the Media Queries
  • Beginner

    Admin Dashboard – Back-end

    Create an Authenticated admin using Flask-security
    Create an API in Flask
    Modules and Views
  • Advanced

    Advanced Java Certification Course

    8 Lessons 107 Topics 5 Quizzes
    Learn advanced version of Java which is specially designed to develop web-based enterprise applications. It includes Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC), Servlet programming, Java Servlet Pages (JSP) and advanced java framework like Spring.
    Course Certificate
  • Beginner


    16 Lessons 73 Topics
    Do you know what is common among Netflix, Google, PayPal, Lego, HBO, General Motors, Sony, The Guardian, and Upwork?  They all use Angular. Well, leaning Angular does not need more motivation. Lets join this FREE curated course.
  • Advanced

    Apache Kafka A-Z with Hands-On Learning

    13 Lessons 154 Topics 10 Quizzes
    Learn Kafka from scratch to advanced. This course covers everything you need to work on Kafka!!
    Course Certificate
  • Advanced

    Artificial Intelligence Projects

    15 Lessons 75 Topics
    Pack of 7 Courses which is 100% hands-on. Contains 50+ Demos, 14 Projects.
  • Beginner

    AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Prep Course

    6 Lessons 101 Topics 6 Quizzes
    Pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 exam in First attempt - includes theory, hands-on demos and practice exam questions
    Course Certificate
  • Intermediate

    AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Prep Course

    16 Lessons 184 Topics 14 Quizzes
    Pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Certification SAA-C02 in First attempt
    Course Certificate
  • Intermediate

    Breast Cancer Detection

    Develop CNN models in Keras
    Plot loss and accuracy using Matplotlib
    Transfer learning in Keras
  • Intermediate

    Build AWS Multi-Tier Architecture

    Route 53
    Create VPC
    Create Private and Public subnets
    Attach Internet Gateway to VPC
  • Intermediate

    Building Machine Translation models for English-Hindi

    Building machine translation model using LSTM
    Building machine translation model using LSTM with an attention mechanism
    Building machine translation model with Bi-directional LSTM Encoder-decoder
  • Beginner

    C Programming

    11 Lessons 41 Topics
    C is more often the very first language which a developer goes for. Learning C helps to understand a lot of underlying architecture of operating systems like data structure, pointers, memory locations etc. It is extensively used in embedded programming.
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
  • Beginner


    11 Lessons 50 Topics
    C++ is quite old but still pretty much used in applications where speed matters as it’s a low-level language. It is used in embedded systems, IoT, game development etc. to name a few.
    Note: This is a FREE curated course.
  • Advanced

    Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKAD)

    13 Lessons 98 Topics 9 Quizzes
    The Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam certifies that users can design, build, configure, and expose cloud native applications for Kubernetes.
    Course Certificate
  • Beginner

    Complete Git Course

    9 Lessons 124 Topics 8 Quizzes
    Git is a must tool required to work in any coding field, from data science to game development to machine learning.  This course covers everything you need to know to start using Git, GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab in the real-world today
    Course Certificate
  • Beginner

    Computer Vision Course

    6 Lessons 29 Topics
    Get all the necessary knowledge to start your computer vision career
  • Beginner

    Continuous Integration with Jenkins on Kubernetes Cluster

    Install and configure Jenkins
    Install and configure Kubernetes cluster
    Write Jenkins Pipeline Script
  • Beginner

    Create a Dashboard to Show Sales Performance with Tableau

    Tableau desktop
    Data visualization using tableau
    Data analysis
  • Beginner

    Create E-commerce Web-site

    Create Nav bar
    Work with the HTML tags
    Work with Routes
  • Intermediate

    Create GitFlow and Performing Hotfixes

    Create Gitflow
    Work with Feature and Release branch
    Work with Develop and Hotfix branch