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Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the skill of the century and is rightly termed as “Sexiest Job of the Century”. In fact, AI jobs account for an average of 18% of jobs in most companies. It is a branch of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that behave like humans. AI assists in the decision-making process, which analyses the data available within an enterprise. AI is now one of the fastest-growing technologies in the job market. We use AI in our day-to-day life, whether its interacting with Alexa, Google assistant or Siri or ordering from Amazon, Flipkart or Swiggy. Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies making its mark in every industry ranging from fashion to finance.

Market Size
    74% Hiring growth
     90M Open Jobs by 2025
Avg Salary
     90K USD per annum
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  • Advanced

    Speech Recognition A-Z with Hands-on

    12 Lessons 78 Topics 8 Quizzes
    Learn Speech Recognition today! The most advanced and promising branch of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
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  • Beginner

    Data Science with Python Best Course

    8 Lessons 54 Topics 7 Quizzes
    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be around 11 million new jobs for Data Science professionals by 2026 and this number is growing at the rate of 30% per year. Knowledge of Data Science along with Python programming skills opens up enormous opportunities for the Data Science job aspirants. This Data Science with Python course will teach you the essential concepts from scratch and enable you to launch your dream career in this domain.
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Artificial Intelligence Bestseller Projects

  • Intermediate

    Breast Cancer Detection

    Develop CNN models in Keras
    Plot loss and accuracy using Matplotlib
    Transfer learning in Keras

Industry aligned projects with step-by-step guided

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  • Beginner

    Deep Learning Fundamentals Course

    7 Lessons 73 Topics
    Master deep learning concepts and models. Learn to implement deep learning algorithms and prepare for a career as a Deep Learning Engineer.
  • Beginner

    Deep Learning with Tensorflow and Keras Course

    9 Lessons 111 Topics
    Master deep learning concepts and models using Keras and TensorFlow frameworks. Learn to implement deep learning algorithms and prepare for a career as a Deep Learning Engineer.
  • Beginner

    NLP Course

    6 Lessons 40 Topics
    With a greater focus on AI in training the machines to understand, read, write and speak human languages, NLP is gaining momentum and this course helps you develop the skills required to become an NLP Engineer.

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