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How many and how much is enough? Trending Technologies 2019

With Technology changing almost every quarter it’s just becoming impossible to cope up with the learning curve. Well if you are an Engineering Student, IT Professional or a Technocrat not learning cannot be an excuse. Regardless of being a Technical person even if one is an average consumer who likes to deal with the latest gadgets and are curious to know what goes behind them, they must invest in learning some of the upcoming Technologies!

In earlier times one would get through the Engineering College, Study diligently, obtain good marks, face campus interviews and get through the dream job or at least a Job without any struggle. Those were the times that just getting through a college was a challenge but after that life would be a big party.


In today’s time over 1.5 million Engineers are produced every year in Country like ours “India”. Out of these hardly 40% are EMPLOYABLE and even lesser are EMPLOYED same year of their passing from the College. Below data points are worth a read to provide insight to the world of Engineering!

As per Forbes, Gartner and Fortune here are some Technology which would create a boom in coming times. Not just for better infrastructure, better gadgets, better deployments or enhanced security BUT for the better JOB PROSPECTS too. Come let’s have a look at some of these!

  • Data Sciences, Data Mining & Machine Learning
  • AI or Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber security and Ethical Hacking
  • Web Development with PHP, Python, Ruby
  • SEO Course and Digital Marketing
  • Kotlin
  • Augmented reality, Virtual Reality
  • Apache Kafka
  • Blockchain
  • DevOps

Some of these you would be well versed, some of these would sounds familiar, some of these would be like Greek and Latin. Some of these you would know the concept, some of these the implement but some of these you would have no clue. The best way to learn is to learn through hands-on experience, through coding, through implementing, through doing projects using these technologies and concepts. Want to know more…..want to know how much of knowing would be enough…..Keep watching this space to delve deep into these Technologies!
Happy Learning!

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  1. Rahim Baig

    This is a good list! Something that a lot of freshers should see.
    Indeed, the best way to learn is through hands-on experience!